Liberty Community Comes Together To Help A Friend 

A small community in Waldo County is rallying behind one of their own who’s been stricken with cancer. Folks around the Liberty and Montville area will tell you Joy Mehuren has always been the first person to step up and help out someone in need. Now it’s Joy who finds herself in the fight of her life as she battles stage 4 lung cancer. “I have seen a couple ladies at the cancer center and they walk right in there bald as can be with no hat or anything and I so admire them,” Mehuren says. “I do and I want to be like that.”About a month ago Joy’s friend, Lori Mayer, wondered how much money she could raise if she shaved her head in a show of support for Joy. The answer was a bit surprising. In 45 minutes she raised $175 in pledges.”So I said oh my word I’m gonna have to do it. So I went to visit Joy and get her permission and she said you’re crazy.”So the first annual “Joy to be bald Buzz Bowl” was born. A total of 6 people have come forward to shave their heads raising nearly $4000. Freda Drinkwater and Ami Stairs are just two of the people shaving their heads to support Joy. “You know it will grow back and Joy deserves every bit of this and much more,” says Drinkwater. “She’s worth a hell of a lot more than my hair and any amount of money. She’s an amazing woman”With her daughter Joanna by her side Joy stepped up to get the event started. “She’s been by my side the whole time,” Mehuren says of her daughter. “It’s not easy for her either and we’ve been there for each other to get through this.” Joy is hoping the message is heard loud and clear by others who may be touched by cancer. “Let people be there for you. That was really hard for me in the beginning but they want to help. they want to support. they want you to feel better.”