October Kicks Off Domestic Violence Awareness Month 

According to the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, every year, more than seven thousand Maine women are physically or sexually assaulted by a partner.October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and a local group in Ellsworth is spreading the word.”These aren’t strangers, these are their partners and they live with these individuals every day,” said Kelly Brown, program manager of the Next Step Domestic Violence Project in Ellsworth.Brown says the center has seen more than eight hundred victims of domestic violence this year.It’s a harsh reality that startles many.According to next step, one out of every four women have been physically or sexually assaulted.For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the center will create a nature path for its clients to enjoy and escape reality.”We want to give them some part of the day where they can just go out there and be a family and have fun,” Brown said.The one mile path will connect to Gail Patrick Brook so families can fish and picnic.Josh Scott with Coastal Builders is on the team building the path using GPS technology.”We’re gonna follow the forestry officer just to show us the limitations where we can run our bridge and how he wants us to set up the steps,” he said.The path is a step in the right direction to help domestic violence victims rebuild, but in order for it to come alive, the center says it needs the help of the community.”We realize we have this great piece of land and we wanted to utilize it to its fullest, but we need people,” Brown said.If you’d like to help build the path, you can call the center at 667-0176.The center will begin building the path on October 23rd.