Local School Receives Library Makeover 

Students at the Downeast Elementary School in Bangor got a big surprise in their library…”New bean bags, new bookcases, school supplies, bookmarks, just a wonderful day here for the students at the Downeast School,” said Richard Fournier, principal of the Downeast Elementary School.The makeover is thanks to Target’s “Take Charge of Education” program.The program provides a $500 book award each year to a local school that has 65% or more of its students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. “Literacy is a big part in being successful in life and we believe that if you can get a child to be able to read by the 3rd grade, that they’re going to be that much better of a chance of being successful in their life going forward,” said David Scott, store team leader for Target.The library re-vamp also includes a mural, to welcome kids into the reading room.”It was just supposed to be a dedication to the kids at this school. It’s supposed to be like a fairy tale, imaginative, things like that,” said Jeff Prymowicz, designer of the mural.The students were surprised by the donations and can’t wait to enjoy the new books.”I love reading books and I love new books, so there’s more books for me to read and I just love reading books,” said Jayda Smith, a third grade student.Noah Varascasco, a first grade student agrees with Smith, “I love to learn about cool things.”Fournier says it’s great to see the kids so excited about reading, “They love coming to the library, they love taking out new books, they love reading which is just incredible to watch.”