Koehler’s Fate Now In Jury’s Hands 

Closing arguments have concluded in the murder trial of Colin Koehler and Koehler’s fate now rests in the hands of the jury. Deputy Attorney General Andrew Benson says this case is not rocket science and alluded to the “mountain of evidence in this case and it points to one man as the killer and that is Colin Koehler.” Benson even reenacted the murder of Holly Boutitlier as he pretended to stab Deputy Attorney General Donald Macomber in the same way the state says Koehler killed 19-year-old Holly Boutilier.Benson said Koehler’s version of the events that took place the day of the murder “makes no sense, it’s preposterous and it’s not worthy of your belief.” Benson told the jury if you add up the evidence in the case, including: pants stained with Boutilier’s blood found in Koehler’s apartment, text messages sent to various people from Koehler’s phone admitting to the murder, the murder weapon that was found hidden in the retaining wall of a church across the street from Koehler’s apartment, and the eye witness testimony in the case this is “simply not a whodunnit.”. Benson closed by saying the simplest explanation is usually the right one and the simplest explanation is that Colin Koehler committed this murder.”Defense Attorney Richard Hartley asked the jury “Can you imagine convicting the wrong man?” Hartley again pointed the finger at the prosecution’s start witness telling the jury, “Justin Ptaszynski may well have gotten away with murder.” Hartley said the prosecution’s entire theory of events is based on what Ptaszynski told the police.Hartley reminded the jury that the police had once told Ptaszynski that he could either be a witness or a defendant. “You can be a witness or you can be a defendant and he made his choice,” said Hartley. Hartley then told jurors that police immediately zeroed in on his client, ignoring all other possibilities. He wondered why the police never obtained a warrant and searched the apartment where Ptaszynski was staying. Hartley concluded by saying: “If you think he (Koehler) did it, but you have a doubt based on reason, then he’s not guilty.”Judge William Anderson will now give final instructions to the jury and the fate of Colin Koehler will rest in the hands of 7 women and 5 men, with 3 of them being alternates.Stay tuned to TV 5 News at Noon, 5:00, and 6:00 for the very latest on the Colin Koehler murder trial.