Koehler Found Guilty of Murder 

The verdict is in in the Colin Koehler murder trial. A jury of 7 women and five men found Koehler guilty of murdering 19-year-old Holly Boutilier on the Bangor waterfront last August.Deputy Attorney General Andrew Benson said he had a mountain of evidence that all pointed to Colin Koehler as the murderer of Holly Boutilier. In the end, the jury agreed and that mountain was too much for Koehler to overcome.The jury began deliberations around 1:30 and it took them less than 3 hours to come back with the verdict. Guilty. Around 2:25 this afternoon, the jury asked to see several different surveillance videos. The jurors wanted to see a police surveillance video taken outside of the Bangor Police Department on Saturday August 8, 2009, the day Holly Boutilier was murdered. The video shows 3 people walking by the police station. The prosecution’s star witness, 28-year-old Justin Ptazsynski, testified earlier this week that it was him, Koehler and Boutilier in the video. Koehler took the stand yesterday and said it wasn’t him in the video and that he had not seen Boutilier at all that day. Koehler says the last time he saw Boutilier was around 12 hours before that video was taken. Jurors asked for a freeze frame of the image, presumably to see if it is in fact Koehler with Boutilier just before police and prosecutors say she was murdered. Other videos the jury wanted to watch again were taken outside of Hollywood Slots shortly after police say Boutilier was murdered. The video shows Koehler and Ptaszynski walking down Main Street in front of Hollywood Slots. The last two 2 videos the jury wanted another look at were taken inside the Bangor Police Station the day after the murder. Koehler had gone to the police department to rescind a protection order he had previously filed against Ken Creamer, Koehler’s estranged girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. In the video it appears Koehler is wearing the same jeans that police found in his apartment that had Holly Boutilier’s blood on them. Koehler says the pants don’t belong to him but Jenn Sabean, a DNA specialist with the Maine State Crime Lab in Augusta, testified she found Koehler’s DNA in the pants. Holly Boutilier’s family cried and hugged each other after the verdict was read. Boutilier’s family said outside the court room the verdict was justice for Holly and now she can rest in peace. They also thanked the police and prosecutors for their hard work.As for Koehler, his mother immediately began to cry. Koehler himself seemed to be in shock before eventually shaking his head.”Thank God justice for Holly,” said Holly Boutilier’s mother Kathy Ingraham. Was there ever any doubt in her mind they would convict Koehler? “No, No they had enough on him,” Ingraham said. “It’s been a long week and we knew that he did it and we just hope he pays for it. Holly’s father Gene Boutilier was also emotional during the week of the trial. Gene Boutilier actually left the courtroom for a few minutes while Colin Koehler testified on Thursday. “I hope to God no parent ever has to go through this,” said Gene Boutilier. “That’s about all I have to say right now.” Koehler’s defense attorney Richard Hartley. “We must respect the jury’s verdict,” said Hartley. “That’s the way our system of justice works. However we need to accept their decision and we do. Mr. Koehler does have appeal rights.”There’s no word yet on when a sentencing hearing will be held. Colin Koehler faces a minimum of 25 years or he could be headed to prison for the rest of his life.