Walmart Truck Drivers Raise Money For Holden Elementary 

Truck drivers for Walmarts in Maine always try to be safe on the road. And now that safety is paying off – for Holden Elementary School.Students got an up-close look at what it’s like to work and live on the road. Don Mitchell is a driver for Walmart who spends a lot of time in his big rig. First grader Ryan Egan checked it out. He says, “I went in the truck and saw like a microwave and a giant bed.”So did first grader, Jamie Fogg, who says, “It’s like a whole house – it’s like a bedroom. It’s awesome!”The chance to check out Mitchell’s ride was a bonus to the real reason he stopped by the school. He and his co-workers – based in Lewiston – recently hit the road in the name of education.For every accident-free mile they drove during a week in August, Wal-mart donated one penny to the school.More than 147,000 miles turned into a check for more than $1,470.Mitchell says, “The cutbacks that are going on throughout the country and in education and stuff, every school needs every penny they can get. There’s nothing more important than education in our schools and our children.”Principal David Anderson says, “This type of donation just shy of $1,500 is just a huge shot in the arm. We’ll be meeting as a staff and a talking about ways we’ll dedicate the money. But I can assure you that it will benefit the kids directly – all of the kids in this building.” The donation is also an honor for Mitchell, who was chosen by his co-workers to give the money to Holden Elementary.With three kids at the school, Mitchell considers the check a thank you to his family, who sacrifices a lot for him to be on the road and safe. “This is a way to give back to my family, my kids, my community, my school it’s a good way – it’s a good feeling. It’s a good thing to do.”Last year, Walmart transportation offices across the country donated more than $137,000 to schools in their community, through the safe driving program.