Stearns Senior Lineman Comes Full Circle After Broken Leg 

The Stearns football is getting ready to play MCI tomorrow night. It was one year ago in the game against MCI when stearns lineman Jeremy Bolduc broke both bones in his lower left leg. It was pretty bad at the time, but Bolduc had it in his mind right away to get back healthy for his senior season.Tomorrow, the Minutemen will play in Pittsfield and the game with the Huskies will mean he has come full circle and put the finishing touches on his comeback.Jeremy Bolduc – Stearns Football”Before I was trying to get it out of my mind I had been thinking about it a lot of it is fear of getting injured again but a lot is getting back and knowing I can do it pushing myself to the limit day in and day out proving that it is not gonna stop me and its just an injury.”