Bangor Floral Turns 85 

A flower shop in Bangor turned 85 on Thursday and celebrated by giving back to its customers.Diana Bosch has more on the birthday for Bangor Floral.When Nicole Frederick arrived at her store, Bangor Floral, she couldn’t believe what she saw.”We had a line of people standing at the door going all the way around the building, the earliest customer I believe was here at 6:30,” she said.Bangor Floral marked 85 years in business by giving away a dozen roses to the first two hundred customers. Frederick said she decided to pass out the roses so that everyone in town could celebrate their big birthday.”People have been very excited, very eager to give out the roses to other people to help spread our celebration throughout town.”By 10 o’clock, they had given out more than 150 dozen of roses.Customers were instructed to keep two for themselves, and give the rest of the roses to family and friends.”The roses are beautiful and they smell wonderful and I’m going to share them with my friends,” said loyal customer Sharon Gary.Gary says she comes to the store twice a month. “It’s a happy place, the environment is nice, they decorate for all the holidays, so you always feel excited when you come in.”When Gary arrived, she was thrilled to say happy 85th birthday to her “happy place.””I’ve been gone for quite a few years, I lived in Miami since the 70’s and I came back and its still here, it’s quite amazing, 85 years is a long time for any business.”Frederick says she is proud of her shop’s big accomplishment, and looks forward to another 85 years.”it’s a wonderful feeling to know that the community supports us the way that they do,” she said.If you missed out on getting free roses, you have another chance Friday.Chapel Hill Floral in Bangor is celebrating its tenth anniversay and will be giving away 2,400 roses in bunches of ten.The store on Hammond Street opens at 8, Friday morning.