Bangor Beacon Community Launch 

A group of Bangor area health care agencies called “The Bangor Beacon Community” has just received a three year federal grant.As Meghan Hayward tells us, they say it will help them continue making strides in efficient healthcare.The Bangor community is in the spotlight again.The Bangor Beacon Community has received a three year federal grant totaling almost 13-million dollars.The group is made up of 12 healthcare partners within the Bangor community.”One of the qualifications to be competitive in this grant application was that the communities needed to be tight. We had already established great working relationships with many of the partners.”Michelle Hood, CEO and President of the Eastern Maine Healthcare System, says they have made significant investments in information technology to support quality healthcare.”The grant monies will actually allow us to expand our information technology utilization into home care and into long-term care facility. So connecting various parts of the healthcare delivery system.”Hood says patients are the focus as they move forward.”It will help individual patients really take an active role in improving their health, improving the services they receive. That’s one of the strengths I think of this approach, the personalized.”Aaron McKethan, Director of the National Beacon Community Program, says Bangor’s community has been on the healthcare map long before this grant.”Providing lessons for other communities that are not as far along in using IT around the country.”Devore Culver, Executive Director of HealthInfoNet, is helping with the switch to electronic health records.”This will be a model for the rest of the state and quite frankly for much of the nation to follow in terms of how to make that next important step toward better care, lowering cost of care and improving safety.”