Accused Murderer Koehler Testifies In His Murder Trial 

A cool and soft spoken Colin Koehler took the stand today and offered a very different version of his whereabouts the day 19-year-old Holly Boutilier was murdered.Under questioning from defense attorney Richard Hartley, Koehler told jurors he met Boutilier for the first time the night before she died. Koehler said the last time he saw her was around 1:00 a.m. on August 8th 2009…Police say Boutilier was murdered sometime later that day. During cross examination, Deputy Attorney General Andrew Benson thundered away at Koehler, pointing out several inconsistencies between his testimony and earlier statements to police.Koehler testified that pants stained with Boutilier’s blood found in his apartment were not his. The prosecutor then showed him two different photographs showing what appeared to be Koehler wearing those jeans on the day Boutilier was murdered.Koehler said the murder weapon did belong to him, but it had been stolen after his apartment was broken into a few months before the killing. When the prosecutor asked Koehler about text messages sent from his phone admitting to the murder, Koehler said he never sent them.Koehler told the jury the phone that police have him on video using around the time those messages were sent doesn’t have service, so he can’t talk or send text messages. In the video, it appears Koehler is talking on that same phone, but he insisted he was listening to music. Koehler says he owns 10 different cell phones and only one of them has service. He says in the video the phone he appears to be talking on has no service. After Koehler stepped off the stand, the defense rested. Closing arguments are scheduled for Friday morning. The case should be in the jury’s hands by Friday afternoon.