Accused Killer’s Mother Takes The Stand 

Colin Koehler’s mother Vicki took the stand in her son’s murder trial this morning. Vicki Koehler testified that her son would routinely lend his clothing and cell phone to Justin Ptaszinski. Ptaszinski testified earlier this week that he saw Colin Koehler stab the victim 19-year-old Holly Boutilier in the abdomen and slash her throat. The defense has implied that Ptaszynski committed the murders and is lying now to save his own skin. The defense is hoping Vicki Koehler’s testimony will explain how Holly Boutilier’s blood wound up on Colin Koehler’s pants as well as a series of text messages sent from Koehler’s cell phone admitting to the murder. Justin Ptaszinski has already pled guilty to hindering apprehension in this case and is currently serving a 6 year prison sentence at the Maine State Prison in Warren.Earlier in the day friends of Colin Koehler painted a very different picture of the accused killer. As the defense began presenting their case this morning they called Koehler’s friends one at a time.Joe Dileone of Connecticut described Koehler as “kind and gentle.” When defense attorney Peter Cyr of Portland asked Dileone about his reaction to the news Koehler had been charged with murdering 19-year-old Holly Boutilier Dileone said, “Everyone was in shock. When you know someone you trust, that’s kind and gentle, it just couldn’t be my friend.”Wendy O’Brien of Bangor told jurors she used to let Koehler take her young daughter to the park to play. She said under direct examination she “had never seen him (Koehler) get upset or raise his voice to anyone.”During cross examination Attorney General Donald Macomber tried to remind the jury of the previous testimony. Macomber asked all of the defense witnesses the same questions. “Are you aware an eye witness has testified that Colin Koehler plunged this knife into Holly Boutilier’s abdomen?” “Yes,” replied O’Brien. “Is it hard to believe a friend could do something like that?” Macomber asked. “Yeah,” O’Brien said.Kohler is expected to take the stand at some point this afternoon. Stay tuned to as well as TV 5 news at Noon, 5:00, and 6:00 for the very latest.