UMaine Football Looking to Redeem Themselves Against UNH 

It was no doubt a devistating loss for the UMaine football team last weekend.But New Hampshire is coming in this weekend and the Black Bears need to look ahead.Getting back on the practice field is probably the best therapy for these guys after the disappointment of the William and Mary game. The New Hampshire game has been played at the end of the season since 1999, but after Northeastern and Hofstra dropped football the schedules needed to be reworked and so the Brice Cowell Musket will be won this weekend.Jack Cosgrove – UMaine Head Coach”Wins or losses you put them behind ya when you get through Sunday which is when you go over the tape and when that is done that game is done and you move on to the next game if we spend too much time celebrating or too much time in remorse then you don’t get on to the next opponent and you don’t get the work done that you need to get done.”The Maine game against New Hampshire starts at 6:00 Saturday night and can be seen on the CW.