Time Capsule Revealed in Dover-Foxcroft 

Folks in Dover-Foxcroft got a rare glimpse into the history of their town when they gathered outside the Post Office Wednesday.As Diana Bosch reports, a time capsule that had been buried inside more than seventy years ago was opened.”I kept thinking, don’t I wish this could be open while I’m living and see what it’s like.”Dot Gray was there in the summer of 1938, when a time capsule was put in place during the construction of the Dover-Foxcroft Post Office.One of the items she put in the capsule was a school newspaper from her days at Foxcroft Academy.”They’d tell events that would happen in the year and I’m sure there is stuff in them,” Gray said.Gray contacted postmaster Rita Page and together they decided to figure out a way to open the copper box.”Because we have the newspaper articles from when it was built, we knew it existed but we didn’t know when it was supposed to come out,” Page said.Among the items in the box were old documents, including papers from when the town was incorporated, and old photographs relating to pioneer days.”I didn’t know they could look so old,” Gray said.The items will be given to the Dover-Foxcroft historical society where they’ll be preserved in their archives. Because water got inside of the box, Jack Battick with the historical society says they will need the help of a trained conservator.”In the meantime, we will have to keep it moist because if it dries it will fall apart.”Page says uncovering these items gives a rare glimpse into the Dover-Foxcroft community.”It helps us feel like we’re part of something, it helps makes us realize there was a past here.”