More Damaging Testimony In Koehler Murder Case 

Day 3 of the Colin Koehler murder trial is underway. Early Wednesday morning the prosecution called Ken Creamer of Hartland to the stand. Creamer is the estranged boyfriend of Koehler’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Palmer. The prosecution has theorized Koehler murdered 19-yearold Holly Boutilier to show his faithfulness to Palmer. Palmer testified yesterday that Koehler admitted to her that he murdered Holly Boutilier last August. Creamer took the stand around 8:45. He told jurors Koehler told him over the phone he murdered Boutilier. “He told me he stabbed her in the stomach…and he cut her throat to shut her up.” Creamer also testified Koehler sent a series of text messages requesting that the two men meet near the site where Boutilier’s body was discovered.Just before the morning recess Detective Timothy Cotton of the Bangor Police Department took the stand. He is one of the lead detectives in the investigation. The jury was shown a video of Colin Koehler at the Bangor Police station the day after the murder. Cotton told the jury Koehler was there to have a protection order he previously filed against Ken Creamer dropped. Video of Koehler’s filling out the paperwork to have the restraining order dropped appears to show Koehler sending and receiving text messages close to the time that the messages were sent to Creamer.Detective Cotton is resuming his testimony this morning. Stay tuned to WABI TV 5 News at Noon, 5:00, and 6:00 as well as for the very latest.”