Lawrence Cheerleaders Working Hard Before Next Month’s Walk for Hope 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Walk for Hope in Augusta is fast aproaching. Money raised in next month’s walk for hope will go to the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care.This afternoon at Lawrence High School, we spoke with the cheerleading team about the event.This is the 2nd year this group will be involved in the event and the goals are lofty. The hope is to have 800 walkers at the event in Augusta and raise $100,000.Megan Milville – Lawrence Senior”It’s a good fundraiser for breast cancer and its a good thing to support.”Megan Witham – Lawrence Sophomore”It’s a team thing and we need to get involved in more community stuff.”Jaycee Patton – Lawrence Sophomore”Yeah I think it’s a big deal that people get into it and raise money for the cure which hasn’t happened yet and I think its cool that we are the only team from our school that has done something like this and once we start doing this others will I think.”The event is Saturday, October 16th. It starts at Sam’s Club in Augusta at 9:00AM.