Hunters and Huggers Dinner 

Buying local is a trend that many Mainers have bought into and the approach is something that one Central Maine college is taking to their menu. About twenty-three percent of Unity College’s cafeteria food is from Maine. The college buys from more than twenty local farms. This week the environmental school, which is known for it’s sustainable living is trying to get students hooked on buying local by offering a dinner featuring a variety of locally grown items. The dinner is coined, “The Hunters and Huggers” Dinner. It was created four years ago by Lorey Duprey who is the Assistant Dining Services Manager at Unity. One-hundred percent of the items on the menu at the dinner will be bought in Maine. The event is a way of bringing the students that have very different eating habits together. “We have a real combo of students. We have students into hunting and they’re the conservation law students and students who are very much into the back to the earth, grow your own and live off the land,” Director of Dining, Sandy Donahue says. Eli Walker is a sophomore who plans to attend the dinner, “Personally, I’m a meat eater, but for the vegetarians there’s a variety as well. There’s stuff that I’ve never even heard of before offered, so it’s really cool.”