Cruise Ships Keep Bringing Tourists to Bar Harbor 

Summer may be over, but businesses in Bar Harbor are still seeing plenty of tourists. As Meghan Hayward tells us, cruise ships are a big reason. Many people think as soon as summer comes to an end, the tourists head out. But businesses in Bar Harbor say they’re still seeing plenty of people, partly because of cruise ships. The Eurodam was in town Wednesday, carrying nearly 2000 passengers. ” We have cruise ships coming in through the end of October, so it’s going to continue to be busy.” Many businesses are happy with this season’s sales. ” At least up 30 percent, definitely a busier season.” ” This year it’s been a lot better. I’d say the weather has had a good impact on it.” They say when a cruise ship drops anchor, they can see a difference. ” First thing, when they get tendered from the ship we tend to be busy, first thing in the morning.”Businesses say they look forward to the ships, which also brings an international flavor to the area. ” We’re always looking to boost and extend the season and it’s critical and we love it.”