Witness Claims Koehler Confessed to Murder 

New developments in the trial of 35-year Colin Koehler, accused of killing a 19-year old woman on the Bangor waterfront last year.A man who took the stand today, Dustin Bayrd of Bangor, claims Koehler confessed to murdering Holly Boutilier.Bayrd was best friends with Justin Ptaszynski, the man police say was an eyewitness to the killing. Bayrd testified in court this morning that after the killing, Koehler and Ptaszynski met Bayrd at work and walked back to Koehler’s apartment.Bayrd says Koehler said, “I took her out.” Bayrd says Koehler then threatened to kill him if he told anyone. Ptaszynski took the stand late this morning. Police say Ptasynski was with Koehler at the time of the killing.