Orono Fire Department Unveils New Poster 

Fire Prevention Week kicks off next week and the Orono Fire Department has unveiled a new poster to go along with it.The posters are supposed to encourage the use of smoke detectors and were designed by Second Lieutenant Kevin Sirois, and firefighters Dennis Bean and Matt Grindle as part of the ongoing fire prevention effort in the town.Brookings and Smith Funeral home also helped with the ad campaign, creating a setting of what could happen in the aftermath of a fire.Fire Prevention Week runs from October third through the ninth and this year’s theme is Smoke Alarms: A Sound You Can Live With.” The biggest thing is you can have one in place but it’s not going to its job unless it’s properly maintained and taken care of. Such as checking the battery making sure it works monthly, changing the battery twice a year and just some general maintenance of keeping it clean and make sure it’s in the proper place.”The poster will be on display throughout Orono at the local schools, UMaine student housing and some local businesses.