Incentives Available for Energy Improvements to Homes 

”I thought my house was pretty solid actually, and I was really wrong. My house is leaky, and really leaky in some places,” said Orono resident Emily Cain.Cain wouldn’t have known her house was so leaky if it weren’t for an energy audit. ” They said that a hole approximately one foot by four feet long would be cut into my house. That equates to the amount of air that leaks into my home every day,” explained Cain.The information was collected using a blower door test and an infra red camera.”I think that the majority of people that live in their homes have become so used to the way it feels in the winter time and the summer that they don’t really think of the alternative of the comfort and the savings they could be gaining for just a very simple few steps,” said Shelby Wright, the Community Outreach Cooridnator for the Maine Green Energy Alliance.Knowing why your home is losing heat and fixing the problem can save home owners money on electric bills each month.”If every house in Orono saved 30-percent on what they spend on energy, it would be an annual savings of 3.2 million dollars that could stay in our community,” said Cain.There are incentives for home owners who take advantage of energy saving procedures and Wright says because of the benefits, now’s the best time to get involved.”Efficiency Maine is offering cash rebates. There are federal tax credits available. Individual homeowners can get up to $4500 back for doing energy efficient home improvements,” said Wright.Cain says saving money will be a big benefit to all who take part,”The awesome thing about energy savings is that once you make those improvements, you keep saving that money every year. It only gets better.”For Cain, she’s glad she now knows what she needs to do to make her home as energy efficient as possible and she’s excited to see the savings.”They benefit the individual, they benefit the community and they benefit the entire state.”The Maine Green Energy Alliance is also hosting informational meetings to help folks learn more and schedule an energy audit.There will be a meeting Tuesday evening at 6:30pm in Stillwater at the Herbert Sargent Community Center. On Thursday a meeting will be held at the Hampden Public Safety Building at 6:30pm.For more information visit