Brewer Fire Department Wants You to be a Part of Its History 

The Brewer Fire Department has had a long history of helping residents in need, but now, the department needs your help.As Diana Bosch reports, the department has come up with a new program that will allow residents to help them and be a part of their history.”We have a 100 year history and we’d like to show people that history.”Brewer Fire Chief Gary Parent says the department’s history is built on tradition and that history will soon be on display in a museum at the new public safety facility.The department moved into the building two years ago, after spending more than 50 years in the old location.”It was past its prime. It was crowded, it was rundown,’ he said.The museum will showcase the department’s rich history, which includes vintage equipment, a six foot piece of steel from the World Trade Center, and a fire truck that dates back to 1947.”That truck was sent down to Bar Harbor in 1947 to help put out the fires, so it has a lot of history,” Chief Parent said.But in order to appreciate it, the department needs money.They’ve come up with a way for Brewer residents to be a part of it by buying bricks.”You’ll have something there in the museum that will be there for a long time for you and your family to see and on perhaps a non personal issue, you’re helping us to preserve the history of the department,” he said.Residents and business owners can purchase bricks that will be permanently placed onto the walkway leading up to the museum.”The brick is engraved with whatever you want on it, personal message or a family name or a business logo,” said Parent.Chief Parent believes the program will bring pride and camaraderie to the brewer community.”They don’t look at us as some taxpayer thing, if they see a museum, if they see history and how we’ve progressed and everything it gives them some kind of ownership too,” he said.The starting price for a brick is fifty dollars.Your message can be up to three lines, twenty characters each.If you’d like more information, you can contact the department at 989-3000.