Trial Begins For Accused Murderer Colin Koehler 

Testimony began Monday in Bangor in the murder trial of Colin Koehler. He’s accused of killing a 19-year-old woman along the Bangor waterfront last year.During opening statements, the prosecution described in detail how they say Colin Koehler murdered Holly Boutilier last August. “He plunged the knife into Holly’s abdomen,” said Donald Macomber from the Attorney General’s office.Prosecutors say the victim’s blood was found on the jeans Koehler was wearing the day of the murder. A fact the defense says it has an explanation for.The prosecution is set to present their star witness, 28-year-old Justin Ptasinksi, who’s scheduled to take the stand Tuesday morning, and tell the jury he watched Koehler stab Boutilier to death. “Justin was outside the the shack holding the clothes. He dropped the clothes and he ran. Koehler followed after him,” Macomber told the jury. “He said to Justin where are you going? Fearing that he would be next, Justin started cooperating with Koehler.”Ptasinski has already pled guilty to hindering arrest and was sentenced to 10 years in prison with all but 6 years suspended. The sentence makes defense attorney Richard Hartley a bit skeptical. “Mr. Ptasinski is someone who again in our view really has been out to save his own skin from what could have been a life sentence for the murder of Holly Boutilier.”Hartley says his client wasn’t even there when Boutilier was killed. He also dropped a bombshell when he told the jury Koehler would be taking the stand. “The state is presenting some evidence from folks that, quite frankly, we are saying are not believable and at the end of the day, we think the jury is going to want to hear it from Colin Koehler’s own lips. Exactly what he was doing the time miss Boutilier was killed.”