The Think Tank and Maine Heritage Police Center Hold Press Conference In Bangor 

One thousand dollars a year: that’s how much the Maine Heritage Policy Center says the average Mainer would lose each year, for the next 10 years, under President Obama’s new tax plan.The Think Tank held a joint press conference in Bangor today with the Heritage Foundation, based out of Washington DC.Both groups say the president’s plan is deceiving, because it appears to only affect those making 200-thousand dollars or more.But, they say, the trickle down effect from those higher taxes will affect all Mainers, including an average of 32-hundred job losses annually, for the next decade. TV 5 contacted the Maine Democratic Party for comment.Arden Manning, victory 2010 campaign manager said, “President Obama is proposing a plan that will benefit struggling, middle-class Americans. The Maine Heritage Policy Center is more concerned with saying “no” than what is best for our State and our Nation.”