Maine Football Lose Close Game with William and Mary 

It’s pretty much a new season for Maine. The conference schedule opening up tonight. The Black Bears taking on William and Mary, the 8th ranked team in the country.A game which you could see on TV Five, the Black Bears without their All-American running back Jared Turcotte. The junior taking care of his wife who is giving birth to their first child.Early in this one, Maine deep in Tribe territory. The Black Bears going for it on fourth and inches. Pushaun Brown, starting for Turcotte, gets taken back for a loss of two. Maine turns it over. A big moment early on.Brown would come back. Still in the first quarter. Brown from two yards out. Puts the Black Bears on the board. Maine moving the ball well in the first half.This time in the second quarter, it’s Brown again. This time from eight yards out. The Black Bears take a 14-3 lead into the half.Still 14-3 in the fourth quarter, William and Mary on fourth and one. William and Mary get it done. Terrence Riggins with the nice carry.Very next play. Tribe in the Wildcat formation. Courtland Marriner. Ten yards up the gut. Maine lead by four.Next Black Bear possession, second down. Warren Smith drops back. His throw is picked off by Dante Cook. The linebacker takes it down the sideline. 50 yards for the score. Even brings a Black Bear with him. A 14-3 Maine lead turns into a 17-14 William and Mary lead in four minutes and four seconds of actual time, not game time.But Maine gets a break of their own. Jordan Waxman with a punt. William and Mary call for a fair catch but the recevier gets bumped into by his own player. The ball is live. Maine recovers deep in Tribe territory.Maine move the ball closer. First and goal from the three. Warren Smith finds Desmon Randall who takes it into the endzone. Maine retakes the lead.A full moon tonight, this game had a crazy finish.William and Mary switch q-b’s. They bring in Michael Paulus, the brother of former Duke basketball player and Syracuse quarterback Greg Paulus.The junior with just under three minutes to move the ball downfield. Second and ten, Paulus scrambles, avoids a few tackles, gets just enough for the first down.Less than a minute to go, from Maine’s 21 yard line, Paulu has time, finds Chase Hill in the corner of the endzone, double covered. He brings it in. William and Mary re-take the lead with 20.3 seconds remaining.One last chance for the Black Bears. They try the trick play. It doesn’t work. Maine lose a heartbreaker 24 to 21. The Black Bears committed 11 penalties for 134 yards in this one. A lack of discipline that head coach Jack Cosgrove is not very happy with.