Former President Clinton Stumps for Libby Mitchell 

In another sign that the race for governor is heating up, a former president came to Maine Sunday night. Former President Bill Clinton headlined a rally at Southern Maine Community College in South Portland to throw his support behind Democrat Libby Mitchell in her run for governor.1,500 people attended the event.Mitchell is in a five-way race for governor, with most polls showing her in second place behind Republican Paul LePage.During her speech Libby Mitchell branded her Republican opponent as a Tea Party candidate and called on voters to get behind real ideas.Former President Clinton talked about the need for Democrats to get involved and fight the notion that incumbents have failed.He said voters should not treat the election as a way to express misguided anger.”What the Republicans seem to want for America, and I’ve now been all over America, is for this election to be a referendum,” Clinton said. “A referendum on your anger, your disappointment, your apathy… maybe you’ll stay home, and hopefully you’ll have quite a lot of amnesia about how we got in this fix in the first place. And if it’s just a referendum and people go vote that are mad, well that’s trouble. But if it’s a choice… where are we, where should we go, who’s the best person to lead us there… Libby Mitchell will be the next governor of Maine.”Mitchell added, “We have a very tough governor’s race happening. It is between Libby Mitchell, who has a vision for the future… and the Tea Party candidate.”Before coming to Maine, he was stumping for Democratic candidates in Connecticut and Massachusetts.