Expired Prescription Drug Collection 

The state’s largest collection of expired prescription drugs took place Saturday.And here in Bangor there were three different location drop-offs.It’s all a part of the nationwide “Take-Back” initiative. The Bangor Police Department and Penobscot Sheriff’s Department had staff on hand at Cascade Park, the Airport Mall and the lobby of the Bangor Police Station.The service is free and anonymous.Chief Deputy, Troy Morton says this helps prevent prescription drug abuse and possible poisoning.Morton says he is happy with the turn-out.” Response has been overwhelming. The sheriff’s office and the connection with triads in the area have conducted these for several years. Have always had big turn-outs and this is certainly another example of that. I think it’s something that people want to do, want to get these medications out of their homes and this is a great way to do it.”Morton says it’s their goal to continue having these kinds of drop-offs.