First Grader Gives Free Pumpkins to her Class 

A group of first graders in Bradford now have the perfect accessory for fall thanks to one of their fellow classmates.Diana Bosch has the story.”Cause I grew big pumpkins and I wanted everyone to have a big pumpkin.”That’s exactly what six-year-old Sally Smith did.She and her first grade pals came to her family’s farm to pick pumpkins for free.Sally wanted to share the pumpkins because they were bigger than the ones they picked last week.”Because you get to carve faces on them and they’re good for Halloween,” she said.The Smith family began planting their pumpkins back in June.”We created a bowl around them and waited for them to grow,” said Sally’s sister, Rebekah.Four months later, there are about one hundred of them on the farm.With pumpkins in tow, the students boarded the school bus back to the classroom.Looking at the smiles on the children’s faces, Rebekah says she’s proud of her little sister and her big heart.”Instead of wanting to keep the pumpkins to herself or sell them to get money, she wanted her friends to enjoy them and that’s really awesome.”Sally shares her name and birthday with her grandma, a woman she’s looked up to for her generosity.”When you give, you’re the one that gets and I thought Sally Jo will always remember this as a wonderful day,” she said.