Waldo County Schools Celebrate Fall Harvest 

Schools across Waldo County celebrated the fall harvest season and promoted healthy eating habits at todays Harvest Lunch.1500 students across RSU #3 took part in the 2nd annual celebration of the fall harvest, including the students here my old stomping grounds, Troy Central School. Kids enjoyed a lunch harvested entirely from local farms and sold to the district at a discounted price. Everything from the vegetables, like fresh corn on the cob, to the meat. Heather Perry is the Superintendent for RSU#3. “I think the message is around healthy eating number one,” says Perry. “The second message is what we have to offer in our communities to keep to keep our communities healthy and to support our communities both in terms of the food that we can eat, but also in terms of supporting our local economy.”Healthy eating is something that’s stressed at Troy Central. They teach what they call the “Let’s Go 5-2-1-0” method to staying healthy. “5 fruits and vegetables a day, 2 hours or less of recreational screen time, one hour or more of physical activity, and zero sugary drinks,” says Raya Kouletsis, School Health Coordinator for RSU #3.It seems to be working, the kids are all smiles. 2nd grader Kate Bourgeois is having a blast. “Well it’s really fun because it’s all farm lunch and the farm food.” As an added bonus to the celebration, parents were invited to join their kids for lunch. Keith Mcpherson has 2 kids that go to Troy Central. “It’s the first time I’ve been able to come to the school,” he says. “This is my kids first year of going to this so it’s great to see the people and the kids and how things are done here.”Jayne Sullivan came to have lunch with her daughter Riley. “I think it’s great to expose the kids to eating local foods from local farmers and the whole harvest teaching them about that.”This is the second year they’ve had a Harvest Lunch and school officials say they plan to continue this program for many years to come.