Students Get a Glimpse of the Future at Career Day 

Lee Jackson is a junior at Old Town High School who is beginning to look at options for college.A self proclaimed political junkie, Jackson has plans to study political science.”Politics has always been an interesting thing for me while my sisters were watching cartoon network I was watching CNN,” he said.Jackson got the chance to weigh his options during Old Town High School’s Passport to Future Career Day.One of the top schools that interest him is the University of Maine.”I’ve always gone to the basketball games, the hockey games, football games, I hope to meet Bananas actually.”Students like Jackson got the opportunity to speak with recruiters from over forty colleges, companies and military branches.”It was very nice, I learned the difference between enlisting and then going to ROTC in college, it was a lot of helpful tips,” he said.Tips he believes are helpful to students of all ages.”It seems like now many students are having trouble taking the next step after high school, Old Town has really stepped up on this, what you can do and this how you can do it,” he said.Senior Dacie Manion has narrowed down her list of colleges to nine. While she already has an idea of where she would like to go to school, she thinks the career fair is important in helping make her decision.”We don’t necessarily know what’s out there what our options are so it’s really great in terms of figuring things out,” she said.