Man Found After Disappearing More Than 20 Years Ago 

More than 20 years after a man accused of stealing money from the town of Frenchboro went missing, he’s been found. Thanks to an alert Hancock County dispatcher who knew the history of the case.Meghan Hayward has the story.” We drew charges in 1988 after a complaint was filed by a selectman for the island of Frenchboro that the treasurer had possibly squandered with money belonging to the town.” Ernie Fitch was a detective for the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department at the time the complaint against Daniel Blaszczuk was filed. ” He ended up cashing some checks that belonged to the town of Frenchboro and then he disappeared and were never able to substantiate where he was.” Fast forward more than 20 years later. Fitch’s son, Erik Fitch, works as an emergency dispatcher for Hancock County and stumbled upon Blaszczuk’s name in a Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles database. Erik was only 6 years old when the investigation first started, but it stuck with him. ” The reason I remember it so much is because Unsolved Mysteries did a story on this case when I was 6 and at 6 years old to see your dad on tv is a big deal.” Erik relayed the information he came across to authorities. Police from Connecticut were contacted and interviewed Blaszczuk. “Where he did admit to taking the money.” Blaszczuk has pleaded guilty to theft and given back more than 5200 dollars to the town of Frenchboro. Now, this father and son duo have closed what was thought to be a cold case. ” I think it’s great. I think he did a good job with it.” “It makes it come full circle. Just thankful to the residents of Frenchboro. He victimized the whole community. To get this back, it helped 60 people, not just one individual.”