Disclose Act 

Some small business owners are pressing Maine’s Senators to pass a bill that would shed more light on special interest groups and their support for political campaigns. It’s called the Disclose Act. Organizers of a news conference in Bangor Wednesday say it’s about the right for americans to know the identity of the groups spending money that influence elections, along with the donors that fund those groups.Rich Schweikert is the owner of The Grasshopper Shop in Bangor.He says the Senators need to stand up for small businesses by revealing corporate attempts to sway voters.” So to me it’s kind of a no brainer. It’s fair, and it’s trying to get at the truth. So who would want to be against that? So we’re here to call on our Senators to reveal those things so that we know what’s going on we just want to be educated voters.”” We believe that disclosure is a key step to making sure people and small businesses remain in the driver’s seat in these elections.”Senators are expected to vote on the bill Thursday. The house passed the bill in June.