Explosion At Carmel Salvage Yard 

It was a busy day for Carmel area Fire Departments as they also responded to an explosion at Deal Recycling on the Main Road in Carmel. According to the Carmel Fire Chief, the call came in around 1:30 this afternoon.He says workers were cutting a car apart when something ignited in a dumpster. A witness reported hearing an explosion and seeing black smoke from the general store about a half mile away.One worker was taken to the hospital with burns on his hands. The fire was put out in about a half hour, but it did cause some anxious moments for firefighters. “You don’t know what’s in the dumpster,” said Carmel Fire Chief Michael Azevedo. “It could be anything. Explosive hazards, firefighters have been killed fighting these things. So as you can see the trucks are far enough back. You take it slow and easy until we see what’s in there.”The fire chief says the salvage business has only been open a few weeks.