85 Mile Downeast Sunrise Trail Now Open 

The entire 85 mile stretch of the Downeast Sunrise Trail is now open to the public. It’s the culmination of 20-years of work 85 mile multi use trail is officially open much to the delight of Sally Jacobs, President, of the Sunrise Trail Coalition. “This is going to be open for summer and winter for all forms of recreational vehicles and for walking, bicycling and for horses.”Folks from all over came out to join in the celebration. “It’s perfect,” says Art Pierce of Belfast. “The weather is perfect and the groups together the atvers and the bicyclists are getting along together, that’s really super.”Joe McPhail made the trip from Dennysville to take a ride on the trail. “Oh this great. Absolutely great,” he says. “We’ve been working hard to get some trail connections on the other end so people can get to some of our local businesses.”The hope is that downeast access will give Washington County’s local businesses a much needed boost. “We’ve got one guy who’s got cabins down there you can rent and stay in cabins,” says McPhail. “This is the greatest thing in the world as far as economic development in Washington County, so glad to see it finally come to fruit.”There’s also the thought the rail lines can someday be used as well. “The economic benefits to the community along this corridor are there,” says Maine DOT Commissioner David Cole. “And I will tell you, we could put rail down here tomorrow if the economics, the markets, and the funding are available.”For all the people who contributed to this project over the past 20 years, they now see their hard work and planning paying off. “I have been waiting and it’s lived in my mind for for so long that it’s gonna be awhile before i believe it’s really true,” says Jacobs.