Stephen & Tabitha King Help Kids in Milo 

A group of kids from Milo Elementary School are getting a some help from Stephen and Tabitha King this school year.The school is participating a program called “Blessings in a Backpack. Backpacks are provided for some of the kids at Milo Elementary and filled with food for the students to take home over school vacation weeks. The program ensures the kids will have enough to eat during the week long breaks from school.The Stephen and Tabitha King foundation provided a $20,000 grant to help fund the program. The school was working with the local food cupboard in Milo until their resources were depleted. “That speaks to the increase in need,” says Amber Gahagan, a social worker with MSAD #41. “The economic times are so bad and so many of our families, and families that have never been affected before are now affected and have drained that resource.”To learn more about the “Blessings in a Backpack” program, or to help out contact the Milo Elementary School at 943-2122.