Hundreds Gather to Watch Surf of Hurricane Igor 

Just a little more than a year ago, thousands of people lined the shores of Acadia National Park to watch the waves forced ashore by Hurricane Bill…Several people were swept off the rocks into the water, and one girl was killed…Today, as Hurricane Igor swung by the Northeast, hundreds gathered to witness the power of the ocean once again, despite a high surf advisory…”It’s challenging, it’s inviting,” said one visitor to Acadia National Park, Eileen Chafel of Boston.Fortunately for the safety of all involved, the tide was receding during the prime daylight hours.” It’s generally safer as the tide recedes,” said the Public Information Officer for the Park John Kelly. ” The combination of waves and high tide create the highest waves and therefore the most concern along the shore, so as the tide goes out the waves will be big nonetheless, but less dangerous than if we were having a high tide.”But until the high surf advisory is removed, precautions will be taken, said Kelly. “We will keep an eye on it. There are signs out warning people to use caution and we have rangers on staff to keep an eye on visitors as well.”For those at Sand Beach and at Thunder Hole, most were taking photos and didn’t feel as though they were in any danger.”My wife just said it would be pretty fun to go down over here, but I can see they roped it off,” said Mike Palm of Newport, RI. ” So I guess I’m going to be smart about it and stay back and enjoy the view from here. But no, from up here I’m not scared, no fear.””I don’t feel afraid,” Chafel said. “I feel pretty joyous so this just feels like a gift to be in such a beautiful place on such a beautiful day.”