Hooping for Health 

Many of us have fond memories of using a hula hoop as a child.Now, this favorite past time is making a comeback…as an exercise regime.Joy Hollowell brings us to a class on hooping.=======”If you look at these people, they are just smiling and laughing and having a ball and that’s what hooping is all about.”Meet Judith Tingley, otherwise known as The Hoopmainiac. She brings her rings to schools, businesses and other organizations to teach folks how to twist and turn their way to good health.”It’s really good for your bones because it’s a weight bearing exercise,” says Tingley. “It’s good for your lungs because the exercise helps to open them up. It burns calories, better than a stair stepper or a treadmill. And it’s joyous, so people with depression actually feel better.”On this day, Tingley is teaching workers at Waldo County General Hospital in Belfast as well as employees from Mathews Brothers, as part of their Journey to Health program.”It’s easy,” says Jill Kulbe, who works at Waldo County General Hospital. “I can watch TV, I can relax by doing it. I do it with my grandchildren, and they’re just amazed that granny can actually do hula hooping.””What we have here I call my magic hoops,” explains Tingley. “They’re weighted and they’re bigger and heavier, so most people can get them going.”Even me, promised judith, and true to her word-“And we have Joy hooping, woo hoo”My videographer Mark Rediker even got into the groove.”It brings back memories of childhood. Every time you talk to somebody about doing hula hooping, they begin to smile,” says Cathy Horne, the Wellness and Safety Co-Ordinator for Mathews Brothers.====If you’d like more information on hooping, you can contact Judith Tingley at 772-6308 or check out her website www.hoopmainiac.comIf you’d like more information about the Journey to Health program, you can log onto