Volunteers Come Together to Clean Up the Coast 

Instead of spending Saturday sight-seeing on Bar Harbor’s beautiful coast, a group of volunteers spent it cleaning up.”This island is so important to Maine it’s unlike any other and I think the people that live here need to be conscious of that.”Alexis Burne has lived in Bar Harbor for the past four years, but has vacationed here ever since she can remember. On Saturday morning, she and her classmates arrived at the shoreline of Mount Desert Island ready to clean up its beloved beaches.”We did the outer two porcupines, Sheep Island and the back porcupine and we just took some trash bags and walked the beach and picked up what we saw.”Burne is a student at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor and has joined other volunteers for Friends of Acadia’s inaugural clean water, clean shores event. “We’re out here every day, we see the beauty visitors here don’t have the opportunity to see it every single day like we do those of us who live here we want it to be as pristine as possible,” said Glenn Tucker.Tucker, the owner of Coastal Kayaking Tours provided kayaks to the teams of volunteers who traveled through ten different locations picking up trash. Burne was surprised that there wasn’t too much on the shore.”When the tide is high it will rise so far up on the beach and I thought that the tide would bring a lot more trash but there wasn’t that much,” she said.Despite the lack of trash on the shore, Jane Cisseli says it’s important to remember to always clean up.”It just takes personal responsibility you don’t have to be responsible for anyone else but as long as you’re responsible for your own trash and your belongings we can all work on it,” she said.