Restoration Project Celebrated in Holden 

Efforts to restore a popular stream in Maine were celebrated Friday in Holden.The restoration of the Sedgeunkedunk Stream was a collaborative, community based project where two dams were removed to make way for a natural rock-ramp fishway.The town of Orrington acquired one of the dams and decided to replace it with the fishway so more fish could enter the stream and Fields Pond.Steven Shephard with the Atlantic Science Association says since then ecology has improved on the pond and many fish such as Alewives and Sea Lampry have returned.Shephard says the restoration has been important for the Orrington community.”It was a concern of Orrington to keep it looking nice to create a park there by acquiring the property we were able to create trails in the woods, a number of things to enhance it so it makes a better recreational experience for Orrington and the community,” he said.On Saturday, there will be an open house at Fields Pond featuring live music a canoe and kayak paddle and a hike along the shoreline from the Audubon Center to Brewer Lake.