JROTC at Nokomis H.S. Honors POWs/MIAs 

Students in Newport spent the day remembering those veterans who became prisoners of war or never came home. About 20 cadets with the Junior ROTC program at Nokomis High School participated in a ceremony to honor Maine POWs and MIAs.They stood guard at a flag, flying at half staff, all day long.Six local veterans, from World War II to current-day conflicts, also took shifts. The ceremony takes place each year and is limited to upperclassmen.They say they’re proud to be a part of it.Cadet Lt. Col. Bradley Cookson says, “They gave their life just to protect us and make sure that we’re safe and no harm would come to us, so it’s only right that we honor them.”Desert Storm Veteran Gary Brayley, who took part in the ceremony, says, “Since Desert Storm and then on, the change in the people supporting the troops and the veterans have changed so much since the Vietnam era. It’s heartwarming to see that, right down to the teenagers.”Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day.This is the 17th year for the P-O-W and M-I-A ceremony.