Family Opens Corn Maze in Blue Hill 

With the start of fall just around the corner, a family in Blue Hill wants to help you enjoy the season.As Diana Bosch reports, they built a ten acre corn maze on their farm.Jeff and Trude Beardsworth have owned and operated the Homewood Farm in Blue Hill for the past ten years.Guests at the farm have enjoyed picking crops and looking at the animals, but this year, the couple decided to change it up by adding a corn maze.”We just thought it would be a nice way to let people explore a little better and a fun way to do it,” Trude Beardsworth said.Keeping it all in the family, they decided to build it themselves.With the help of close friends, they sketched out a design of the farm’s logo and went to work.”We started planting the corn around the 20th of May and around the first of June, when we do our strawberries, we were putting it out on the ground, cutting trails,” said Jeff Beardsworth.Then, a surveyor helped the family put the finishing touches on the ten acre maze.”He’d go up from one point and then make another point and I’d be behind him with the map knowing where I was.”The Beardsworths say the maze is fun for the whole family, from beginners to corn maze enthusiasts.”Some people have done it in like 35 minutes, some people have been out an hour and a half, two hours.”In addition to the maze, guests can enjoy hay rides and a pumpkin throw.If any guests would like to increase the level of difficulty, they can try the Mystery Word Hunt Game.”9 letters hidden out in the maze and they just have to find all the letters and unscramble the word.”The corn maze is open until Halloween.If you’d like to visit, it’s at the Homewood Farm on Ackley Road off of Route 15 in Blue Hill.It’s $7 a person, $25 for a family of four.Children four and under can get in for free.If you’d like more information, you can visit their website at