Students Deliver Solar to the President 

On Tuesday, September 7, a group of Unity College students and staff left Maine bound for Washington, D.C. with a solar panel in tow. The group also had one of the nation’s leading environmentalist and founder, Bill McKibben along for the ride. The trip was deemed as the “Put Solar Back on It” Tour. The crew arrived in D.C. late last week, with the goal to get President Obama to accept President Jimmy Carter’s original solar panel or commit to putting a new array on the roof. The group collected more than 40,000 signatures from people in support of the effort and had multiple offers from solar companies to install new panels for free, but the Administration refused the offer. Solar panels were put on the White House roof in 1979 under the Carter Administration. When President Ronald Reagan took office they were taken down. Unity College found some of the panels in storage during the early 1990’s and acquired them. Some of those panels were used to heat water for the college’s cafeteria until 2003. Even though the tour is over, the group remains hopeful. McKibben has organized his next campaign for10/10/10, which McKibben calls the “Global Work Party.” According to McKibben it will be a day to celebrate climate solutions at the local level around the world.