Medical Professionals Attend Wilderness Training Camp in Bowerbank 

Medical professionals from across the country gathered in Bowerbank Thursday to learn how to rescue people in the wild.As Diana Bosch reports the program showed students how to deal with medical emergencies when dialing 911 is not an option.”It’s a matter of getting them out of the woods today instead of in two days when we have to wait for a helicopter, definitely life saving,” said Helen Weber-McReynolds, a student in the course.Weber-McReynolds traveled all the way from Indiana for the Wilderness Medical Training Course. The Physician’s Assistant and Girl Scout trainer learned the necessary skills to respond to medical emergencies in the wild with limited resources.”I never thought of how to make a stretcher out of three jackets and two skis,” she said.The four day course mixes time in the classroom with time in the field.”It helps them understand how to do assessments and treatments with limited information to be prepared,” said David Johnson, President of the Wilderness Medical Association. Johnson says the course has been offered for the past 18 years and there have been a lot of changes to keep up with evolving medical technology.”There’s a lot of new equipment most of which isn’t helpful, but it’s important to know what’s out there,” he said.Paul Marcolini is one of the instructors for the course. His exercises include using climbing rope, how to build a stretcher out of cart, and ways to carry patients out of the woods.Although the course is offered to trained professionals, Marcolini says people without experience should plan ahead in case of any emergencies.”With the planning they need to pre plan how to get help and understand the resources that are available to them before they go on a trail or in a back country,” he said.