Grandparents Spend the Day at Local Elementary School 

”I showed them around the classroom, and we went and had lunch and then we had our pictures taken by the front door,” said Jerdon, a 3rd grade student at the Leroy H. Smith Elementary School in Winterport.Jerdon’s adoptive grandparents came all the way from Houlton to take part in Grandparents Day.”It’s fun to see the kids all excited and what they do and meet their teachers, meet their friends. For me, some of their friends I only get to see once a year and it’s nice to see how they’ve grown,” said Ellen Sousi, adopted grandmother.The event started several years ago and it’s grown each time. Teachers say it’s wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of both the kids and grandparents. “The kids are so proud, the grandparents are so proud, they come from really far away just to spend two hours with their grandchild, so it’s really nice,” said Heather Patterson, a teacher at the school.Third graders Zoe Peabody and Maisy Stetson had a special treat for their grammie, what they call a funky dance and rap.” 1, 2, 3 spaghetti, oh oh, spaghetti, oh oh, with grammie, oh oh, with grammie, oh oh, hippie, hippie, hippie HOP!” Grammie gives the performance two thumbs up.”I thought it was perfect, another great Grandparents Day,” said Laurel Coulter. After getting a tour and meeting friends, lunch is served, and then pictures are taken of the kids with their grandparents.Organizers say the pictures have proven to be a very special part of the day. “I had one grandmother tell me that her grandson takes last years picture and every morning kisses the picture of him and his grandmother and every night does the same,” said Patterson.