3 Million Dollar Renovation Project to UMA Dental Clinic 

The University of Maine at Augusta’s dental clinic on the Bangor campus is getting an upgrade.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s been a long time coming.The University of Maine Board of Trustees approved a renovation project for the dental clinic on the Bangor campus. The university will pay for about two-thirds of the 3-million dollar project.”It’s been a long time project. We’ve actively been pursuing grant writing and funding and things like that for the last three years. The project has been approximately 10 years from start to now.”Right now the dental clinic is in an 11,000 square foot building. Program Coordinator Diane Blanchette says they’ve outgrown it.”What this will do is create a facility that’s more like your regular, general practice. So that you as a patient will walk in and go into an individual operatory and subdivided spaces so you have privacy.”The renovation will also include new dental equipment.”We’re going to be having computers at each operatory. Much like you probably see at your dental office. We are using and will continue to use enhanced digital radiography.”Students are sure smiling about it.”I think that we’ll probably have more patients drawn in. And it’ll be a good opportunity for us to work with new equipment and it’ll be more like working in an actual office.””We’re really crowded right here in the clinic and it’s really exciting that we’re going to be getting new equipment and it’s just a lot of room for us to grow.”They hope to have the new clinic open by Fall 2011.