Message in a Bottle Found Two Years Later 

Students at the Adams School in Castine tossed bottles containing messages into the ocean two years ago, hoping someone would eventually get them.Two years later, a Massachusetts man found one while on vacation in the Azores.”I was really surprised because I totally forgot I had a bottle launched,” said student Liam Griffin.Griffin, Hannah Flood and Dustin Colson wrote their notes and put them in a bottle, releasing it into the Gulf Stream.Teacher Cheryl McFadden says the group sent the bottle as part of a project to learn about communication.”It’s interesting to us that people can communicate without using technology,” she said.The group wrote their age, school and where they wanted the bottle to travel during its voyage.Dustin wanted it to float to an African safari to play with the animals in the wild.”I like that they’re are fast and stuff like the cheetahs,” he said.Hannah wanted the bottle to cruise the exotic lands of China.”I just like that how all the different words have the different symbols because I just think it would be hard to memorize,” she said.The bottle traveled about 3,000 miles to the Azores, a Portugese group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It was found by James Cabral of Massacusetts and his son who were on vacation. The pair contacted the school from information listed in the note.”He just relayed how excited he was and how excited his son was that he found and that it was a good writing activity to share,” McFadden said.Discovering the bottle was a moment between a father and son, but it was also shared by another father and his daughter. Hannah’s dad helped the students launch the bottle, dropping it into the water off the Bahamas.It’s something he also tried when he was a kid.”He like threw it off when he was seven or something and when he was 17 it was found,” she said.