Firefighters Gather in Orono to Practice Safety Exercises 

The National Fire Protection Association says 82 firefighters died last year throughout the country. Firefighters from several departments gathered in Orono Tuesday to learn how to reduce that risk in Maine.The Rapid Intervention Team, also known as RIT, uses real life events where a firefighter is killed in the line of duty as an inspiration for the exercises.Lieutenant Scott Luciano says a firefighter from New York City was brought to Maine to teach the program.”They’re one of the busiest cities in the world as far as fire responses, they were able to come in and deliver a great training program at a reasonable price so our communities can all benefit,” he said.Lieutenant Kevin Sirois with the Orono Fire Department has worked as a firefighter for the past 12 years. “It keeps all of your skills up, the training really helps with that, keeps your mind focused on what you’ve got to do every day.”The firefighters learned to use everyday resources such as fire hoses and rope to help them rescue each other in emergency situations.Lieutenant Luciano hopes the skills the firefighters learned here will help reduce that risk in Maine.