Lepage and Mitchell Outline Their Plans For Maine 

As we head down the home stretch in the race for Governor, both major party candidates are outlining their plans for repairing the state’s economy.Republican candidate Paul Lepage went first as he rolled out his entire policy agenda at a press conference at Dysarts in Hermon. He says the first order of business is job creation. “Maine desperately needs new jobs and better jobs,” LePage told a crowd of supporters. “We know how they’re created. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of our state.” The Waterville Mayor says he wants to make life easier for business owners. “We’re going to remove the red tape so entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Maine can be given the easy pass to create jobs.”In his 16-page plan titled, “Turning the Page,” the Republican candidate also says tweaking the welfare system is a top priority. “I have one goal. That the transition does not become the final destination. and that welfare becomes a brief stop along the way to a better life.”Meanwhile, in downtown Bangor, Democrat Libby Mitchell announced part of her platform, focusing on job creation and helping small businesses. She feels all we need to thrive is right here. “I do see opportunities for Maine both in industries that we have, our natural resource based industries, the forest products, the fisheries, the farms,” she said.” “There’s huge opportunities there and in tourism. But there are also manufacturing opportunities I would like to see flow out of the new green energy”Mitchell spoke at the Democratic headquarters on State Street in Bangor where she also outlined her plan for business to grow in Maine. “Which is why I’m suggesting that we look at business growth as a whole not just one business at a time and be sure that government is providing the help that is necessary.”Voters now have a lot to digest from both of these candidates before they head to the polls in November. You can see both plans in their entirety on the candidates websites: Paul Lepage’s plan is at Mitchell’s can be found at