Veterans Memorial Park 

The town of Hermon and the Veterans Memorial Committee hosted a dedication celebration Sunday afternoon.Phase 1 of the Veterans Park is now complete.The park is a way for the town to show respect for all veterans.In the fall of 2007, the town council appointed a committee to come up with the design and funding for the project.Located on the Billings Road, the project isn’t finished just yet. The goal of Phase 2 is to bring military items into the park.” We’d like to see helicopters, tanks, cannons whatever we can get for military items. Hopefully we can make a plaque to put in front of each one of the items that we get so that it will be educational as well as just something to look at,” said Larry Davis, chairman of the Hermon Veterans Memorial Committee.The group is also selling bricks in honor of veterans.For $50 anyone can purchase one to recognize a veteran.If you’d like to buy a brick or for more information, you can go to the Hermon town office or log on to Facebook and search for Veterans Memorial Park in Hermon.