Orchards Statewide Celebrate Maine Apple Sunday 

Maine Apple Sunday is a sure sign that fall is right around the corner. At Mainely Apples in Dixmont this is a day they circle on their calendars early on in the year. “Maine Apple Sunday is a kick-off promoted by the Maine Pomological Societym,” says Mainely Apples owner John Olsen. “It’s our opening weekend for mac’s and cortlands and it’s kind of big doin’s here.”The apple season got off to a fast start thanks to the weather but the high temperatures in August slowed things back down. “So we’re not running too far ahead of schedule right now,” says Olsen. “So we got a lot of stuff coming because our later varieties won’t be ready for a month or so.” Lunch was provided by Dixmont’s Volunteer Fire and Rescue crew who put on a BBQ lunch with all proceeds going to help their cause. Folks here knew these guys could put out fires but they gave their culinary skills a thumbs up.This day also featured a demonstration of an antique cider press where kids got a sneak peak at how cider was made back in the old days. But most of all Maine Apple Sunday is about familes getting out and enjoying the best of maine agricultural. Tina Meucke of Carmel has been bringing her kids here since they were infants. “So we like to get out in the fall and do fun things and this is one of their favorite things to do in the fall,” says Meucke.Ben Potter of Belfast says this the second year his family has come here. “Oh I love it,” he says. “It’s a perfect day for it. Just seeing them picking around in the bushes. It’s great seeing them popping in and out of the branches is the best part. Plus free food is good too.”Olsen just like seeing people enjoy themselves. “Oh we’re hoping that people will realize they can come out, have a good time, pick their own fresh apples. They don’t have to buy some that imported from out of state somewhere. It supports local agriculture, helps the farmers all keep going.”Olsen says he expects the pick-your-own season to run right through Columbus Day and perhaps even a bit later this year which is plenty of time for everyone to get out and enjoy fall in Maine.