John Bapst Uses Balanced Attack to Defeat Rockland 

The John Bapst Crusader leading the pep band as John Bapst hosts Rockland.John Bapst jumped out to a 20-0 lead in the first half. Rockland get on the board. Sam Meklin connects on a short pass to David Harrison. Harrison off to the races. A 33 yard touchdown. Rockland trails 20-6.But the John Bapst defense tightens up. Rockland with a fourth down. Meklin scrambles. The giant duo of Max Andrews and Chris Desmond are there with a friendly hello. Rockland turn the ball over.Fourth quarter, John Bapst ices the game. Jordan Charpentier with the heave towards the endzone. Lucas Philippon takes it in. Six more points on the board for John Bapst. Charpentier and Philippon then bust out a terrific celebration. Of course they get unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. John Bapst beats Rockland to go 2-0 on the young season. 26-6 the final score.